Milk Feeding

Making up infant formula bottle-feeds safely

Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative is firmly committed to the promotion, protection and support of breastfeeding. However, in the UK bottle feeding remains very common and so we also work to ensure the best outcomes possible for babies when they are not breastfed. If you are bottle feeding you should be shown how to sterilise equipment and make up feeds as safely as possible. If you haven’t been shown – ask. Even if you think you know, check with a midwife or health visitor as some advice may have changed. You should also have had support with feeding technique to ensure that you and your baby have a pleasant feeding experience.

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How to help if your baby has reflux

Reflux is when your baby effortlessly spits up whatever they’ve swallowed. We know that it’s natural to worry that there may be something wrong when your baby is bringing up their feeds or being sick. But reflux is very common often starting in the first eight weeks and will usually pass by the time your baby is a year old.